About Us

“Save Two Lives”

We are an organization dedicated to helping those who struggle with addiction while pregnant. Addiction can change your brain chemistry, so it is not surprising to know that more and more women are struggling with addiction while pregnant.

There is a stigma toward women who have addiction while pregnant and it can be hard for them to seek out help because they fear judgment. This shouldn’t be the case. If pregnant women felt more comfortable then they could find treatment accessible to them.

Pregnant women with addiction should have a doctor’s care to help them detox. For pregnant women, they need special attention and plans to do this because otherwise, it could harm their unborn babies.

It entirely depends on what substance the mother has been abusing and for how long. The drug might need to be stopped slowly instead of all at once because the shock to the system could hurt the baby.

When it comes to opiate addiction, it is more likely the mother will have her drug of choice replaced with methadone. This is because it is just more dangerous to have her stop and stress out the baby.

Our organization is meant to save two lives.