Effects Of Drug Addiction While Pregnant

Effects Of Taking Drugs While Pregnant


Drinking any alcohol at all is dangerous to an unborn baby inside its mother. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says that any amount is not safe.

Not only can alcohol consumption cause a miscarriage it can also increase the risk of many different issues in the child. These issues include developmental disorders like fetal alcohol syndrome. Any disorders caused by this can be severe and change your child’s physical and mental health and growth.

Half a million babies are exposed to alcohol in the womb every year. Women still continue to consume alcohol while pregnant even knowing the dangers.


Cigarettes contain chemicals that are harmful over time to adults so it is no wonder that they can affect unborn children. It can really affect levels of oxygen the baby can receive. These can lead to lots of defects or issues.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that nicotine concentration is up to 15% higher in the baby’s blood than the mother’s, meaning it is far more dangerous for the baby.

Nicotine can expose your fetus to tar, and the carbon monoxide in the smoke can even kill your baby. It can also cause quite a few health issues. These health issues include low birth weight, cerebral palsy, respiratory issues, and eyesight problems.

Second-hand smoke is still a risk to your unborn baby, so even if you don’t smoke they can still be hurt. There can even be more of a risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) after birth due to second-hand smoke.


Women who abuse the drug cocaine while pregnant often don’t even get proper prenatal care or eat properly. Often cocaine is used along with other drugs or alcohol which enhances the risk to the baby’s health.

Cocaine can increase a lot of dangerous symptoms for the mother’s health that comes during pregnancy. It is known to cause severe hypertension, seizures, migraines, and separation of the placenta from the uterus.


Heroin use can actually increase the possibility of bleeding during your pregnancy and can cause preeclampsia which is dangerous to you and your child.  It is also more possible for your child to have neonatal abstinence syndrome (SAS) when born or die from SIDS later on.

This gives the potential for the bay to need to be monitored or have specialized care after birth.


Marijuana is often considered a “safe” drug but it’s not, it can still affect any fetus the same way it can affect your brain and body. Babies are far more likely to have issues of course. It can cause developmental issues, premature birth, and low weight after birth as well.