Important Components Of A Successful Recovery

An important part of treatment for pregnant women with drug addiction is individual and specialized care. This because every situation is different and needs to be looked at that way. Flexibility in that care is also important so the woman doesn’t feel like her life is out of her control.

There are a lot of parts that factor into why a woman may be addicted while pregnant and why she may not seek help. This is why everyone should know how to treat that situation. If a woman isn’t treated properly, the risk of her fetus grows.

Addiction during pregnancy can let to death for the child or at least severe side effects after birth. Make sure you remember to try to understand the pregnant woman and not treat her negatively. This can keep her from seeking the care she needs for her and her child.

Guilt And Fear

The fear of shame or guilt is what keeps a lot of pregnant women from getting the help that they need. They are looked at under a harsher light than other addicts, and this can make them avoid treatment.

If they receive negative treatment at the hands of someone in health care, then pregnant women stop trusting them. Feeling anger directed at them, pregnant women don’t want to have to deal with that.

The threat of social services coming in or legal action can keep women from seeking help as well. Sometimes if they try to find help there are these problems that can arise. This might even keep women from getting the prenatal care they need as well.


Prenatal care is very important especially to mothers who are addicted. Otherwise, they have a higher risk of premature birth or infancy death. They need the chance to get help or be directed toward treatment for their substance abuse issues.

Pregnancy causes a lot of hormone changes which can affect emotions greatly. This can worsen problems in their life like family, relationships, and even their drug use. Women who are abusing substances probably don’t have the support they need from the outside world already.


Family support can be really important during pregnancy as it is already a stressful time in a woman’s life. If they suffer from drug addiction they probably already don’t have that support. This means they really need any support that can be offered to them.

Being supportive and friendly can help a woman feel like she tells the doctor about her problems or potential substance abuse. This can be done by:

–    active listening such as nodding

–    allowing the patient to speak uninterrupted

–    asking clarifying questions

–    maintaining eye contact

–    summarizing what the patient said using their words

Parenting Classes

Classes that are meant to help teach about parenting are known to help mothers with addiction issues. This can help make them feel less stressed and alone. It also can make them feel more confident about becoming a mother. These classes really can improve outcome.

Parenting can be taught as classes like:

–    Attitudes- empathy and understanding

–    Capacity- being able to care for your child on your own

–    Knowledge- knowing all about the development of your child and milestones

–    Skills- how to interact with your child and make eating or sleeping routines for them

Medication Assisted Treatment

The FDA has not approved medications to be safe to treat pregnant women with addiction. But using drugs meant to treat opioid addiction can have less adverse effects than them just keeping on with the drugs they are using.

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Important Components Of A Successful Recovery