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Dangers Of Meth Abuse Among Pregnant Women

These days, meth abuse amongst pregnant women is a common problem in the US. While the use of meth already poses a problems of its own, throwing pregnancy into the frame makes this a more precarious situation. With Meth Abuse Among Pregnant Women, the risks are as severe as it gets. Simply put, meth and pregnancy don’t mix well.

Effects of Methamphetamine on Women

Like many other illicit drugs, meth influence the brain to produce excess dopamine, a chemical that induces happiness and pleasure. Unfortunately, the dopamine boost is only temporary. This means you’ll naturally crave for more. Over time, the body builds tolerance, meaning you need way more to give the level of impact you crave.

This is how addiction to meth starts. Women on meth are exposed to their normal effects on users. In addition, a study has shown that women who use meth are more likely to be addicted to it than men.

Also, meth causes depression in women and is likely to cause the reduction of grey matter in the brain. Grey matter is responsible for holding and processing information in humans. A reduction could be best described as a shrinking brain. Strangely, only women are prone to the effect of meth on gray matter.

Effects of Methamphetamine on Fetus

As is common knowledge, Illicit drug use during pregnancy is ill-advised. Drugs like meth can cause some serious damage to the mother and the fetus. In mothers, meth use can cause more hospitalizations and a significantly low BMI. Congenital disabilities caused by drugs include neurodevelopmental issues, low weight at birth, and a small frame for gestational age.

In fetuses, meth causes fetal distress, placenta abruption, cardiac anomalies, preterm birth, motor development delay, stunted physical growth, retinal defects, increased mortality in both child and mother. Without a doubt, smoking meth while pregnant is bad for the mother and the baby.

How can Pregnant women Quit Methamphetamine?

Quilting meth is never an easy task. Luckily, it is believed that women have a better chance of quilting successfully than men. Although, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less of a challenge. If you’re prepared to quit meth during pregnancy, you need to be ready to stay off meth forever.

Some women avoid meth use during pregnancy but get right back to it after childbirth. The problem with this is that you can still have a meth baby if you take the drug during the breastfeeding months. Even you’re no longer breastfeeding, taking meth is generally bad for your health.

To stay quit meth completely, here’s what you need to do:

  • Stop hanging around friends who use meth
  • Quilting instantly may cause you to feel withdrawal symptoms, so it’s wiser to ease them with a medical assisted detox.
  • Check into a rehab facility.

You only have to look out babies born addicted to crystal meth to see how the dangers of taking meth while pregnant. If you’re already addicted to it, try to seek help as early as possible. Remember, whatever pleasure you feel when you take meth is not worth risking your life and the life of your baby.

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Dangers Of Meth Abuse Among Pregnant Women

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