Our Services

At our facility, we aim to provide many different services for pregnant women who need them. Pregnant women often feel isolated, alone, and judged. We want to bring together a supportive community to help meet their individual needs.

Pregnant women with addiction might have a lot more stress than a regular woman with addiction. This can be attributed to their new hormones raging through their bodies and emotional highs. So we have quite a few treatments meant to help them through their pregnancy.


Yoga is a known de-stressor. We provide moments for meditation and clarity before going through a comfortable routine meant to loosen muscles and improve connection to the body. Drugs and alcohol can really do damage to your body, and we want you to associate your body with positive feelings.

The exercises will help you and your body be one again and make sure you are healthy and fit for the birth of your child.

Parenting Classes And Exercises

We also provide a variety of parenting classes and exercises. Women can feel afraid of the unknown, especially first-time mothers. It has been proven that teaching pregnant women with addiction the skills necessary to cope with motherhood can help in the overall treatment process.

We have classes on basic parenting, life skills, and the growth of a child after birth. That way they feel confident knowing what is going on with their baby and their milestones.


Overall we want to teach our women to be mindful of the world around them and their body. They need to know how what they take effects them and their baby along with how they act. Being aware of all of this can make them be more careful.

Connection to your body and the baby within is important for the ongoing health.