Why Pregnant Women Become Addicted

Having addiction while being pregnant can actually determine whether the baby lives or dies. There are serious side effects from pregnancy drug use including developmental issues or physical dependence.

Pregnant women often fear the consequences or response to having addiction while pregnant and do not seek help. Regardless, it is still much safer for them to get help than try to give birth while addicted.

Drugs and alcohol can cause complications during pregnancy that could endanger the life of both the mother and child. It can hurt the fetus physically and mentally. Using drugs also means the pregnant women could live in risky situations and put herself and baby in danger regularly.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported in 2013 that:

–    5.4 percent of women who were pregnant between the ages of 15 and 44 were using illegal drugs.

–    Pregnant teens were the group most likely to be using illegal drugs.

–    9.4 percent of pregnant women still drank alcohol while pregnant.

–    2.3 percent of pregnant women binge drink while 0.4 percent were still heavy drinkers while pregnant.

It is lucky though that many women who are pregnant do try to get help. They seek treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction.

In that same year of 2013, 4.4 percent of the woman from ages 15-44 who were pregnant got addiction treatment. The number of women who need treatment while also pregnant has fluctuated over the years, so there isn’t really a trend to report.

Overall, many women who are addicted while pregnant already suffered from addiction before that. When they became pregnant, they weren’t able to stop, which is why they needed to receive treatment. Most women don’t want to be abusing drugs while pregnant, they just feel that they can’t stop.

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Why Pregnant Women Become Addicted